10 Jun 2017

Frosted By (Frosted Series #1) Taylor Rose

Pages: 494
Release Date: 23rd May 2017
Publisher: Kindle edition
Series: Frosted Series
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They promised that dreams could come true. 
Forgetting to mention that nightmares were dreams, too. Demons came in all shapes and sizes. 
I learned this the hard way.
I may have been broken, but I was still strong.
Scars are souvenirs that stay with you forever.
Etched on your body.
Etched on your mind.
Etched on your soul.
A constant reminder.My reminder to never give up. To never forget.

I told myself I was fine, brushing my pain off as unimportant. 
I went through life alive, but never truly living.
Until her. 
Her haunted eyes pulled me in, familiarity etched in her gaze. 
Her beauty hypnotized me, heart and soul. 
Snaring me into her trap. 

Wanting each other was unexpected.
Needing each other was necessary.

Our broken souls fused together.
Piece by piece. 

I could have f****** sworn that she was my salvation. 
But was it possible that she was my destruction, instead?

My Thoughts

Wow. That was one hell of an emotional roller-coaster!  If you are looking for a sports romance book with depth and emotion you have got to read Frosted by Taylor Rose.  However there are scenes which can be disturbing to some readers.

This book is about two characters, NHL center Kieran Kingston and Olympic Figure Skating gold medallist Figueroa Ryan who both have broken souls but instantly connect on first sight. Aqua, Figgy’s sister who you cannot help but adore is the force that brought the two leads together. The strength of sisterhood between Figgy and aqua,  the determination and effort to not let their past dictate their present and there conviction to peace and happiness is so admirable and heart-breaking that they had to face such difficulties in the first place.  Kieran is no stranger in difficulty, where Aqua and Figgy had each other, Kieran has found himself always looking for belonging and being loved or cared for but was given the worst of life as he finds himself constantly by his past that it led to his efforts of resisting the pull towards Figgy and Aqua in fear of hurting them however their destiny is inevitable and soon they became his life and duty to protect.

I know I am being very vague in this review, possibly more than the others but PICK UP THIS BOOK AND YOU WONT REGRET IT.

'Power comes in many different forms. 

Beauty. Confidence. Strength. Pride. Self-worth. 

Each one of those emotions ran through me this morning for the first time in years. I was happy. Actually happy. 

And not because I thought I had to be but because he made me that way.' 

~ Figueroa
It’s been ages since I read a book that has kept me hooked throughout the journey escalating emotions, suspense and drama.  I will be honest I am not a big fan of sports romance novel as I have noticed a lot of the time that the sport is often only seen as the occupation of the lead and is not explored very well in depth however Taylor Rose has definitely helped us as a reader to understand the sport and its terminology as it opens with key terms of both sports.  In Frosted, this theme is not only the center of the story line but is center and passion of both the male and female lead and it shines through. This book has possibly opened up a whole new world of books that I am so excited to read! So fans of one of the few sports romances I have read and one of my favourite series, The Summer games by R.S grey I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS!

My rating:
**5 Stars**
*ARC copy was given for an honest review*
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Frosted By (Frosted Series #1) Taylor Rose

Pages: 494 Release Date: 23rd  May 2017 Publisher:  Kindle edition Series:  Frosted Series Buy:   Amazon Add:  Goodreads Syno...